My name is Elijah Gold Newman and I’m 11.

I play guitar and am on a pretty good basketball team.

My birthday is March 8th 1999, my hometown is Seattle Washington.

I have a 7 almost 8 year old sister that rides horses. I have a kick ass feminin mom and a dad that does graphic design at the “SEATTLE CONVENTION AND VISITORS BERO”.

You can e-mail me at



3 Responses to “ME AND MY LIFE”

  1. ‘Lij — you are a rockstar and I hope you keep blogging!

  2. Karen Newman Says:

    When is your debut on the guitar? If you play something that you can post we’d love to hear it.
    Love ya lots! xoxoxoxo
    Grandma (and Grandpa of course!)

  3. Rosalind Schuessler Says:

    Papa and I love to read everything you write…you have so much to say and we love to hear it. Keep it coming.
    Nana and Papa

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